Irish Feet began its internet life in early 2001 as High Stepp, a GeoCities website located at highstepp344. I couldn't tell you where or when it transitioned into Irish Feet, likely because this happened fairly soon after I added a drop down menu with my Funky Chickens HTML skills.

Irish Feet evolved as a site as I evolved as a dancer. From drop down menus to frames, from frames to music, animations and the most complex, colorful links on the planet. Even a short few months in the summer of 2001 entirely in Flash. And, of course, one can't forget participation in webrings.

Only a handful of months after the GeoCities site popped up, I begged for and received my own domain. Until 2004, Irish Feet was located at and became a part of an early and active circle of Irish dance sites, many of which are now unfortunately lost or deleted.

The Irish dance online community was very tightly bound between these sites, with the mother hen,, guiding us all through Webfeis (an Irish dance roleplaying competition, so to speak), You Know You're an Irish Dancer When..., and unending parades of up-to-date information. Friends were made, shenanigans were had, but I took a hiatus from dancing after an injury to my left foot became the proverbial straw, and Irish Feet largely disappeared until 2006, when I attached her to my third and current domain.