Dance Practices/Rehearsals

My mom took these photos on various occasions. The first five are from one of the last classes (if not the last class) of my first session in June of 2001. The next three are from class before figures the following winter. The next six are from the figure class. The last three are from a show rehearsal a few months later in early 2002.

Part of my very first dance class. A few people were not there that day, but this was the core.
From left to right: Jesse, Erin, Ken, Amy, Cait
2nd Row: Me, Brenna.

Me, Brenna and Amy.

I'm going to take a wild guess and say that I was probably one step ahead of the rest of the class. If not, then I just plain sucked.


Cait had injured her foot.

Moving right along to the second session class and figure class...


You guessed it; more hardshoe.

Cait asked Bekah and me if we remembered the solo step from camp, so we got up and tried.

Lost my left shoe.

Learning Glenaid Rince for our recital.

More Glenaid Rince.

Still more Glenaid Rince.

And more. Rachel and myself.

Fast forward a few months later, to a rehearsal for a show at the Grange, a studio used by the Kelly School that we often used...

The twist of their bodies is reminiscent of Riverdance. Or maybe Lord of the Dance.