Dance Camp
(August 3-5, 2001)

During my first year of dance, Deirdre decided to create a camp for beginner dancers, in order to teach figure dances and a solo dance or two. From Spokane, only a handful came (mostly younger), but it proved to be one of the most fun dance experiences I've ever had.

It was intense, though. We danced extensively under Deirdre, Cait and Claire's guidance and we were often worked to our (toe) bones. We learned the 6-Hand, 4-Hand, 3-Hand and 2-Hand, as well as the Siege of Ennis and the Waves of Tory (possibly more), a solo step and an Irish song.

On the final day, after sailing and spending time on the beach, we had a showcase of what we had learned, dancing on the small porch in front of the studio.

Little kids' 2-Hand.

Deirdre off to the left and little kids about to do 6-Hands to the right.

Dance, little kids doing the 6-Hand, dance!

The older kids and adults' 6-Hand.

Older kids and adults still dancing that 6-Hand.

Waves of Tory in all its, uh, glory. Then again, it could be the Siege of Ennis.

The initial line up for Waves of Tory. Or the Siege of Ennis. Or something else. I can't remember anymore. Alex was always my partner and Devon was always Sara's, so it all blends together.

Boys' solo. I have another picture of it somewhere, mid-front click.

Yeah, I don't know.

This was accidental. And I remember it being so. But there's part of Alex's face and part of the farm.

Rachel getting something to drink and Bekah hiding her face.

This, too, was accidental. But in it is Sara's hand and Bekah's grin. Or grimace.

A classic display of true personality! Cait running away and Devon... doing something and Bekah looking confused.

Bekah jumping off the porch and Sara watching.

Claire teaching Cait and Phil (now married!) to dance.