Stewart Feis
(Vancouver, BC - June 14-16, 2002)

My second feis got me out of the last day of school. We carpooled with Bekah's mom and dad, and this time, Bridgette, Bekah's little sister, was competing, too. After nine hours of driving, we made it to Canada and spend the weekend walking back and forth between the venue and the hotel. It became more of the work out than the feis itself!

Spikehead! Now that was a long car trip.

Waiting for the figures to begin. If I recall correctly, it was a long wait.

I believe that we won!

The infamous shorts, part one.

Tony Nother.

Feis life, part one.

Feis life, part two.

From left to right: Me, Shannon, Bridgette and Bekah.

Wandering downtown.

This squirrel enjoyed fruit loops. But don't take my word for it; ask the people feeding it.

The infamous shorts, parts two and three. And Bridgette's hand.

Aquarium visit! From left to right: Bekah's dad, me, Bekah, Bridgette and Bekah's mom.

Cow's Ice Cream is amoozing.