Pacific Northwest Irish Dance Championships
(Bellevue, WA - March 8-10, 2002)

Ah, my very first feis. After an incredibly long drive in icy, March weather (that caused us to hydroplane a majority of the trip), the weekend turned out to be quite beneficial. After winning two three firsts and a third in figures, then winning a first and two seconds in solos, I knew that I wanted to continue competing, which is exactly what I did.

The hotel. I have an attachment to this hotel, which I have competed in twice for this feis.

Freshly-curled hair, freshly braced teeth, freshly out of the car after a seven hour drive.

Venturing into the actual competition.


Bekah and Alex's 2-Hand Reel.

Me and Devon, mid-2-Hand Reel. We won!

Me, Alex and Victoria dancing our 3-Hand Reel.

This is feis life. Hurry up and wait.

I used to adore this photo--it was the first almost-leap I had ever been captured doing. Notice Pat King in the background!

Results. I'm 536. The only reason this is here with our faces actually exposed is because we did well.

Bekah's trophy dance.