St. Patrick's Day Show (March 2002) We have it all in order, so far. From Opening Reel, to what formations we make after we're done. Of course Deirdre has a big piece of paper to help us get the correct order, so that will help. It's a really small show - maybe only thirty minutes, whereas the Recital I estimate an hour or more.
We're to show up only a half-hour early, stretch, then get ready for the show. It's divided by class (Friday class goes to Sullivan, we go to Waterford), and we get to go to Waterford, a veeerrrrry fancy pancy retirement home/apartment place.
Am I ready? Most definitely!

Waterford St. Pat's Show
My mom and I were the first ones there. I was probably an oddball, seeing as how I was in a dress with Celtic designs, two pairs of shoes on (one pair protecting my ghillies, and the other, my ghillies), and an assortment of other "non-traditional" looks.
Soon, most of us where there. We talked, attempted to attach brocks by using mine as an example (Cait put mine on), I was attacked by all of the little girls (and was saved by my neighbor Lauren and Rebekah's little sister, Bridgette) who all wanted to "play with me" and attached themselves to me. How this happened, I will never know.
Deirdre arrived with Cait and Claire from the Sullivan show, and Alex and Johnathan arrived as well (we were beginning to worry about those two).
The tiny lobby was packed with dozens of the senior residents, and some of our parents, and it was hot!
Deirdre lined us up for the Opening Reel, which we did amazingly (Rebekah and I nailed our quivers - yay for us!) then we lined up for the 8-Hand, which was really fun, but it was squished due to lack of space and a grand piano.
After that, Cait danced her Slip Jig and Deirdre told how Cait qualified for Worlds, but due to lack of money at the time, couldn't go. How positively sad!
Then Deirdre talked about St. Patrick, and was joined by Claire and Cait to sing "The Prayer of St. Patrick", after which was the last dance, the Long Reel.
We lined up, the little kid's 3-Hands went first, then the older kid's 2-Hands, our 3-Hands, Cait's hardshoe solo, the 6-Hands, then it was over.
It was a half-hour long show, which went by so fast, it's almost as if it never happened! But oh how fun it was!