St. Patrick's Day Parade (March 2002)

So far, no information at all other than "it's been at 11:00 AM previous years, so it may be at that time again" and "we're going to have a banner and soundsystem, and don't wear your ghillies, wear black ballet slippers." Other that than, it's a mystery. Hopefully, hopefully we'll get more information either at the Recital or the Feis.

More parade info! We're towards the front because the St. Pat's parade in Spokane really sucks (they put everything in that parade).
We are to meet at the staging area by the Spokane Arena at 11:00 (the parade is starting at 12 PM under the threat of two inches of snow) dressed in our costumes, but not our ghillies. Instead, we're to use black ballet slippers so we don't ruin our good shoes. My left ghillie is coming apart now because we had to dance on carpet at our recital.
There is a truck with a soundsystem. Not sure if/what we're dancing, but hopefully Deirdre will tell us.

St. Patrick's Day Parade, 2002
When I woke up, snow was blanketing the ground, but it was melting. The point was just that it was cold enough to snow!
I got into my costume, and carried my brock safely on a hanger, as they wrinkle sooo easily. I was wearing black ballet slippers, secured with black electrical tape.
When we got to the staging area, dozens upon dozens of floats and other advertisements lined the parking lot. I got out, Cait attached my brock, and I covered my arms with the sweatshirt. More and more people filtered into the area, and soon everyone (minus Alex and Johnathan and the older Amy N.) was there. It took quite some time before we left, during which we cowered from the clowns, jumped up in the air a lot, and were just overly hyper. It was really cold, and we were freezing.
After a while, the parade began to move, and we walked onto the route. Every once in awhile, Deirdre, Cait, or Claire would tell us to do a certain step or do threes. A few times she'd have us run out and do a 6-Hand, 3-Hand, and Devon and I did our 2-Hand. Cait and Claire danced hardshoe a lot. People would shout out "DANCE! DANCE!", and when our row of people (Rebekah, Devon, Krystal, Jessi, Erin and myself) got to carry the banner, Rebekah was interviewed by a radio station. A couple of news broadcasters ran hurridly over to Cait and Claire's feet as they did some complicated hardshoe steps, and they panned over us with a camera as we did threes.
Cait and Claire sometimes did some softshoe, though not as much because of the concrete roads.
We had so much fun! I can't wait until the next St. Patrick's Day Parade!