Between Lessons (April 2002) April 2, 2002

Ah, it's been a busy year so far, Irish Dance-wise. Firstly, the feis was awesome! Every dancer who went came home with a medal or trophy!
I'm rather depressed that I'll be missing class next weekend, even if it is for Riverdance. It's just that we haven't really talked to Cait about the feis or performances since they occurred, and she may or may not decide to talk about them.
My mom called Rebekah's mom one night about carpooling to the Stewart Feis in Vancouver. Bekah's mom said they hadn't thought about it. My mom also found out that Bekah won't be coming to class next week, either, which makes me happy. Since it's a figure dance day, I don't want to be the only one completely clueless on a new figure dance, seeing as how our performances are over. I reely don't want to miss anything! Deirdre said she'll be teaching us the Derry Reel figure dance soon. It's one that they qualified for Worlds with. They better not start it without Bekah and me.
Which brings me to another thing; the Stewart Feis.
Cait competed in this one last year, and it would be soooooo totally awesomely spiffy if she competed again this year. She's just an excellent dancer, it would be so cool to see her compete!
I have no idea what level I'll be competing in. Technically, as of April 14th, I'll be in Advanced Beginner/Beginner 2, and as of the last feis, I'm in all Advanced Beginner/Beginner 2, except for my Single Jig and hardshoe. Ah, it may seem as if there is no dilemma, but there is! The Beginner 2 dancers at the PNW Champs last March were so excellent, it was not even funny. I am nowhere near their calliber of dancing, so I'm just rather curious as to what Deirdre will plop me into at the next feis. It would be totally nifty if Deirdre would go ahead and place me in Advanced Beginner/Beginner 2, and then it would be even more nifty if I place in them (HA!) and move some dances in Novice! Whoa, I'm stretching it, now. Woo! Breathe, Sarah! Breathe!
Also, the other big question is: Will I compete in hardshoe?
Of course, I would never compete in my Hornpipe, as it's so pathetic and horrible, that I would be the laughing stock of the universe if I competed in it. My Treble Jig is my favorite, and that is what I'm best at, so I'd like to compete in that, if I had the choice. The only thing really wrong with it, is that I can't nail the hits after the leap overs. The step goes: jump step tip hop back, jump step tip hop back, and I can't nail the 'tips'. After the leap overs, you have to hit one of the heels with your other shoe, and for some reason, I can't! Even if I sit and just hit my heel, I still can't! How utterly horrible! And not only that, but the Treble Jig has rocks, and they always look extremely sloppy. Eh, if I can just nail the darn hits and make my rocks pretty, it'll be good for a feis.
I can't wait to get the rest of my school dress. According to my mother, Cait told her that we'll have to embroider that dragon brock ourselves! No! That's cruel and unusual punishment or something! 135 hours of work! 135! And we'll probably have to embroider the sleves and edging on the dress, too.